About us


Who we are

Senstate is an environmental technology (EnvTech) company offering data-driven envionmental and smart city solutions for improving the environmental stability and efficiency of cities and governments towards the net zero transition.

The solutions we offer are based on next generation apps and advanced hardware systems that allow businesses and governments to collect environmental sensory data in big, fast and real-time manner with the purpose of data analysis, prediction and data driven decisions for the most impactful environmental degradation sources, such as air pollution, water pollution and traffic.

Team, passion and expertise

We talk digital and technology. We are passionate and constantly improve our expertize in fields such as signal processing, environmental sensing, edge computing and distributed systems. This allows us to deliver effective solutions that empower towards the digital economy and society of the future.

Our mission

To design and build integrated environmental solutions that empower citizens, enterprices and organizations to be more efficient and sustainable in the world of digitalization of societies and industries.

Our contribution and commitment to the SDG


An investor in Senstate Technologies is New Vision 3 Fund, which is co-financed
by the European Structural and Investment Funds under the Operational Programme for Innovation and Competitiveness 2014-2020
managed by the Fund of Funds in Bulgaria

Message to our partners

We take great care about the quality of our devices and software systems we build. But most importantly, we care about the environment.

By integrating our solutions, you contribute to achieving the goal of our generation which aims to track the environmental pollution and inform authorities and regulators in a collaborative way, for the deep problems our world is facing with the balance of humans and nature.

We would like to thank you again for becoming a part of the greener and healthier future for all of us and the future generations.