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Getting Started


Our vision at Senstate is not only to produce high-quality gear and client software, but to contribute to the open data community with knowledge and open environmental sensory data.

The Developer Portal’s main purpose is to provide detailed information about the Open Data Services we provide to other application developers for the purpose of building apps and solutions based on the data from our environmental sensory devices.

We do our best to maintain the documentation as detailed and descriptive as possible. If you would like to suggest updates or you miss something, don’t bother to contact us at software@senstate.com, or you can start discussion in our community portal here.

API Reference

The Senstate’s Open Data Services are client-server applications that serve as representative layer for data access for the public user. Behind these applications, there are software layers and communication networks that makes the whole pool of devices and user applications to seamlessly work together. Open Data Services are organized around REST. The definition that is followed is OAS2 (OpenAPI Specification ver.2).

API definitions can be found on these pages as “References”, but also, they are hosted on the services itself, where each definition’s page can be accessed at serviceURL/api-reference

Security layer

All API requests to the services should be made via HTTPS protocol on the predefined URLs. Our server certificates for the secured socket layer (SSL) are re-issued on each 3 months. If you are using low-power devices, such as microcontrollers, it is not a good idea to just verify Fingerprint rather than doing the whole SSL verification procedure, because of the short certification validity period.

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