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Upcoming version 2 of the API’s.

Planned release: January of 2022

Features list:

Gateway service: a middleware that will do routing and request aggregation across the whole services infrastructure. It will provide friendlier API request structure for the user, but with price tag of higher latency. The Gateway service will be released as extra functionality and its use will be optional. The x-Tier structure of requests will remain as recommended way for consuming the API’s due to its low latency.

OAuth 2.0: OAuth 2.0 framework is used for a user level authentication. It has higher permissions to access all services, not only the Open Data API’s. Bearer / JWT token should be provided for side-wide authentication across services. With the OAuth 2.0, an entire new set of functionalities will be available for API access, such as device control, device setup, extended data access functionality and many others.

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