Air pollution monitoring in industrial zones

Better sustainability decisions in the main industrial zones of Gabrovo with UAQM devices

The North Industrial Zone is one of three major industrial zones established in Gabrovo town (Bulgaria). It is the largest industrial zone in town housing approximately 100 companies and organizations which specialize in different branches – mechanical engineering, energy, construction, chemical, leather and textile industries, etc.

Recognizing the serious threat that industrial air pollution imposes on the urban air and therefore, people’s health, the Regional Innovation Center (RIC) “Ambitious Gabrovo” in partnership with the Municipality of Gabrovo, integrated a solution in order to improve productivity, health, energy efficiency and minimise pollution risks.

Solution Highlights


Monitoring of the complete set of air quality parameters, including gases, particulate matter and meteo


24/7 real-time picture of the air quality in the industrial zone


Advanced analytics for finding pollution sources, types and problematic time periods with low air quality levels


Dedicated quarterly based reports based on the history data from the sampling point

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