How Ran Bosilek School of Gabrovo monitors the Air Quality for the better health of children?

Keeping children safe during high levels of outdoor air pollution and raising awareness among them and the parents for the problems of air quality

Many official publications show that children are more vulnerable to the effects of air pollution than adults. One reason is because they breathe more rapidly due to high activity and thus, absorb more pollutants. Another reason is that their lungs are still growing. The lungs and their alveoli aren’t fully grown until children become adults and children have more respiratory infections than adults, which increases their susceptibility to air pollution.

Children spend about six hours per day in school, not including after-school programs. To fully take responsibility for children’s health

Learn how the Management of Ran Bosilek school in Gabrovo device to take full responsibility for children’s health by integrating a complete air quality monitoring solution with the goal to constantly monitor and pay special attention to the environment in which they growth.

Solution Highlights


Real-time monitoring of the air quality of the school’s outside environment


Assuring the increasingly concerned parents that their kids are safe


Bring awareness among children for the air quality issues and other environmental issues of the 21st century


Create engagement through specialized dashboard showing the parameters of the air to children, parents and visitors in the school

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