Monitor AIR quality in parks and display the parameters on specialized screens

Keeping people informed about the air quality in city parks

Learn how the authorities in Gabrovo take advantage of our air quality monitoring station to measure the air pollution in two newly renovated parks in the city.

The newly renovated parks – “Markoteya” and “Koleloto”, are visited by locals, and sometimes tourists, every day of the year. Park “Koleloto” is situated in close proximity to a kindergarten, while park “Markoteya” is surrounded by schools, sport courts and cafes. It is important to reduce urban air pollution in these areas, in order to minimize the possible health risks imposed on adults and kids caused by various contaminants.

Solution Highlights


Precision real-time measurement of air quality


Air quality index calculation


Increased awareness of the citizens about the air quality


Advanced software for data analytics


Citizen engagement though an open data live map

Thanks to the solution implemented by Senstate, both citizens and authorities now have 24/7 real-time information about the air quality in the parks.

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